About Us

We are more than the stereotypes that society portrays us as.

CEE Wear was developed to call attention to the many great achievements within the Black community. Our people have been (r)evolutionary leaders for centuries with minimal recognition of our contributions.


What is not given, one must take. CEE Wear is taking a stance and proud to provide a platform to highlight Black Excellence of the past, present and future.


We are Royalty. We are Leaders. We are Inventors. We are Educators. We are Scientists. We are Physicians. We are Developers. We are Black Excellence!


“If you don't know where you come from, you don't know where you're going.” – Maya Angelou


CEE Wear is meant to make a statement, create conversations and educate! Many have laid down the foundation, overcome obstacles, and defied odds. Their resilience will serve as an energy source to continue to carry the torch.


CEE Wear will support individuals who identify as Black with needs of assistance in achieving personal career goals. The CEElect application process will take place annually, and will provide applicants support directly from the Black Community.



Canadian Made. International Delivery. Universal Love & Support